Jeden Svet- One world

Jeden svet” – translated “One world”is the name of an International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival held in Prague. Demonstrating for human rights with a film-festival, an interesting project.

This year´s motto was “Turn them off”.-Whom ? The dictators around the world !

Milena Kaneva won with her film “Total denial“, about a gaspipline project in Burma a prize. Now they try to smuggel the film to Burma, so that the gas-pipline workers will be able to see it as well…

It ended already on 13 th of March , but there s a lot of interesting material in the net:

-Homepage “Jeden Svet

– at MySpace

-at Youtube

-german article from Radio Prag

And who plays here the trumpet?

With best wishes for peaceful, happy and relaxing Easter holidays

Birma News United


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2 Responses to “Jeden Svet- One world”

  1. Simon Columbus Says:

    Nur mal so’n kleiner Tipp: Prag liegt _nicht_ in der “Tschechoslowakei”. Nicht mehr, zumindest. 😉

  2. BLOG 4 BURMA : Selbstverbrennung als Ultima Ratio ? at in|ad|ae|qu|at Says:

    […] Ende März . Birma news united berichtet vom Internatinalen Doku- Film- Festival in Prag , wo ein Streifen über eine Gaspipeline zu sehen war ( und via YouTube auch einsehbar bleibt ) , adaequat bringt etliche O- Töne aus den […]

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